South Carolina Mobile  Home Title Services Division 

We can help you take advantage of  lower interest rates, resulting in lower monthly payments, and put you in a position to escrow  your taxes and insurance.

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Mobility Titles Services, LLC

Providing mobile home title services including title research, title transfer
and title retirement services‚Äč

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Located in the Upstate of South Carolina

our Mobile Home Division provides mobile home title services to parties involved in the refinance, purchase, sale or foreclosure of mobile homes throughout the State of South Carolina.

Our clients include attorneys, real estate agents, banks, lenders, mortgage brokers, investors, homeowners, borrowers, buyers and sellers.  

We help with obtaining lost mobile home titles, transfering mobile home titles and detitling mobile home titles.

What are the benefits of detitling? 

If you are a mobile home owner, whether you occupy the home as your primary residence, or are an investor owner, you may have heard from many banks, lenders, and mortgage brokers, "we don't lend on mobile homes."  If you detitle your mobile home through the detitle process, you will  qualify for those lower interest rates.  Whether you are looking for a VA, FHA or Conventional loan, we have preferred lenders ready to help you once you have detitled your mobile home.  You may contact them at

What is detitling?

Detitling a mobile home situated on land you own is a process coordinated with your County and State offices to combine your home and land into one assessment resulting in one tax bill.